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Just a few more procedures before I board

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When it comes to traveling we value convenience as well as safety and security. No one likes to wait on long TSA lines, crowded waiting areas or “invasive scanning” so Monday, Delta announced they will be rolling out biometric scanners at their lounges across the country.

With the press of two fingers, you are given access to one of Delta’s 50 exclusive lounges where drinks, magazines snacks, and comfort is your reward.

Is this convenience worth giving up your privacy, though?

Thanks to Delta’s partnership with Clear, a biometrics company who specializes in offering what they call a “frictionless travel experience” travelers can jet set comfortably minus the headaches. For either a one-time fee of $59 for a visit or $495 year you can gain access to Delta Sky Clubs, the fingerprint scanning is free.

Clear is hoping to make biometric scanning at airports a thing as their deal with Delta isn’t the only thing they got going for travelers at airports. For an annual fee of  $180, you can bypass the TSA lines, pat-downs and have to remove your shoes and belts and instead check in at a Clear self-service kiosk where passengers will match their irises and fingerprints against stored biometric data they have on file.

Tinfoil hat wearers are probably screaming conspiracy to the high heavens at the mere mention of this but it is very convenient to use.  In a press release, Delta points out that the use of biometric scanners is surging across the world. With people constantly complaining about long lines at airports they will be easily enticed by the lure of this idea. At the same time, this is a murky territory with surveillance and the use of peoples data and respect for privacy a topic of discussion more than ever.

With that said would you sign up for the new biometric program? Would you give your biometric data to Clear just for the ability to skip a line?  Sound off in the comment section below.

Photo: PeopleImages / Getty