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Delta Airlines recently acknowledged pilot Stephanie Johnson as the first Black woman captain for the established travel company. Capt. Johnson and First Officer Dawn Cook embarked on a historic flight together as the first Black women pilots to command a crew.

Johnson, who is part of a Detroit-based crew, was promoted to captain last year but her story gained traction when Delta profiled her in a media series last month. Johnson and Cook, who is based in Atlanta, planned their historic moment together when Johnson learned Cook was flying out of Detroit on Feb. 26. The well-timed event just at the end of the company’s campaign to recognize the achievements of Black people for Black History Month.

As reported by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Johnson and Cook posed for a selfie inside the cockpit of the plane which Cook posted for viewing on her Facebook page. This is another big moment for Johnson, who also made history in 1997 as Northwest Airlines’ first Black woman pilot.

In the profile with the airline, Johnson, a Kent State University graduate, was the first in her family to complete college.

Photo: Facebook