Jay-Z And Alicia Keys Performing At World Series


By the way things are shaping up, the year, or at least the close, may very well belong to Brooklyn’s own son Jay-Z.  Being named number 1 by MTVs Hottest and dubbed the King of the Mountain in the rap game, Hov may have another reason to gloat.

With the playoffs coming to a close and the matchup set between the Yankees and the Phillies, there have been reports that Hovi will be opening up the festivities with Alicia Keys to perform “Empire State of Mind” at Game 1.

It feels that all of New York will be riding for the Yankees with Jigga on the baseball diamond.

Aside from being the single from The Blueprint III, the track has come through and swept up everything around its path like a hurricane.  As New York continues its steady climb back to the top, the single has become the new anthem for the Mecca of Hip-Hop.

Already having the Yankees remix “Run This Town,” the rapper seems to be capitalizing on his ever growing exposure which hasn’t been as stellar and evident until now.  For those that say otherwise, flip back to when he was able to break barriers and have Oprah sitting with him in Brooklyn.

40 must be the new 30 as his dominance has shown that not even the elders of the game can lose their step when it comes to the rap.  It is always good to have new faces populate and diversify the scene, but it truly takes a veteran to show everyone how it is done.

Although the Phillies are making their second return to the Big Game in a row, New York will be making their first return in almost a decade.  Always hailed as the team to watch out for, with enough championships to back it up, the Yankees had been going through some trials which held them back year after year from recapturing their glory of yesterday.

Game 1 begins on Wednesday, October 28 at Yankee Stadium.

Also checkout Jigga, Alicia and Lil Mama’a “remix” performance of “Empire State Of Mind” here.