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Pusha T Talks Re-Up Gang’s ‘Long Live The Caine’ Mixtape, Malice [Video]


Pusha T assures fans that the Re-Up Gang’s Long Live The Caine mixtape is on the way. In an interview with FUSE’s ‘Hip Hop Shop,’ the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, and one half of the Clipse, relayed that he is just excited about the project as his faithful listeners.

“The Long Live The Cain mixtape is something that’s going to go back to what you guys know as the Re-Up Gang…” says Push A Ton. “It’s so crazy man, I actually can’t really wait for it because you’ve heard me, you’ve heard [Ab] Liva sporadically this year. And for some reason people act as if though Malice, ya know, once you have it you don’t have it anymore. Or they act as if though, they don’t know where he’s going to go.”

Pusha is referring to his older brother, and the other half of Clipse, who last year released a book called Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked. Malice has focused more on his spirituality lately, causing some to think it will adversely impact his music. However, Pusha is quick to disagree with any such theories.

“Me personally, I heard him the same way when he was rhyming on the first Re-Up Gang mixtapes,” says Malice. “I don’t know why people are even questioning what’s it going to be. He always was the more introspective one. He always was the more, to me the more thought provoking and the more consequential of the three of us.”

Malice continues, “Why the big question today? Because he took time off, wrote his book—a successful book, an awesome book. Why the question about the music? I have no clue, but I can’t wait to show everybody.”

The Re-Up Gang roster is currently Malice, Pusha and Ab-Liva. Pusha’s proper full length G.O.O.D. Music debut—last year’s Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray was an EP—is due sometime in 2012. As for Long Live The Caine, it’s in the works.

“Right now it’s all about finding the right music,” says Pusha. “Everybody’s waiting on it. But I’m definitely not going to just throw something out there so people can tear it apart, at all. So right now it’s about finding the right music and stashing it away. Once we get that solid body [claps], then going forward.”