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Doja Cat is an artist who marches to the beat of her own drum and that often invites unwelcomed comments on her appearance, music, and social media personality. Instead of pushing back on a silly rumor that she’s a member of the so-called Illuminati, the talented artist is leaning into it.

Doja Cat is routinely the topic of conversation on social media given the fact she’s very active on her pages and engages with fans, which often ends up getting weird because many people lack all manner of decorum and couth online these days. Like many a famous star before her, Doja was bestowed with the assumption of being part of some secret powerful organization that is apparently controlling the minds of the masses, or whatever YouTube Unversity likes to drone on about.

“This illuminati sh*t is so funny to me I’m gonna keep doing deliberate weird ass sh*t just to make those people uncomfortable. I’ve fr found a new outlet of joy,” Doja tweeted on Monday (Feb. 6). She added, “playing with people’s ignorance and stupidity for my own happiness and personal gain >.”

When a fan says she should tattoo the Illuminati symbol on herself, Doja seemed to honor the idea.

Doja Cat also published a video of herself singing a new tune with lyrics that you have to hear for yourself as we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Go take a trip to her Twitter page to see what we’re referencing.

Also, can we let the Illuminati thing go in 2023? Please?

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