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Drake Says He Regrets Rapping About His Exes On Songs

Source: Prince Williams / Getty / Drake

The 6 God feels remorseful about rapping about his former love interests in his songs.

Speaking with Lil Yachty for the premiere episode of his FUTUREMOOD’s A Moody Conversation series, the 36-year-old Canadian Hip-Hop star had a moment of self-reflection.

“Maybe I coulda done without, like, s—ting on people for age or disrupting somebody’s life,” the “God’s Plan” crafter said speaking about his exes.

“The lyrics are never with ill intent, but I had somebody tell me one time, ‘You know, it’s not necessarily what you’re saying about me, it’s the fact that you said it,” Drizzy told Lil Yachty.

Drake went even deeper talking about a conversation with an ex about him name-dropping her in a song.

She told the OVO general, “You don’t know who my boyfriend is at the time, or you don’t know what my family knows or doesn’t know. And if you express any form of discontent for me and call me by name in a song, then all of a sudden I’m left to pick up the pieces of my own life that I’ve tried to build up for myself.”

“So I’ve tried my best to stop doing that,” Drake continued. “But I like to be honest in music too, so that one’s a push and pull.”

We guess that is a sign of growth.

Drake has gone on to boastfully rap on songs about hooking up with Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and SZA. He brought up the singer’s name on his track “Mr. Right Now.”

“Yeah, said she wanna f— to some SZA, wait / ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08,” he rapped.

You can watch the entire convo below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty