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Tiger Woods is once again in some messy relationship drama. The iconic golf pro is denying his ex-girlfriend’s claim that they had an oral agreement that she could stick around for years after he cut her off.

By now, you may have learned that their “break up” is the stuff of legend. The ex in question, Erica Herman, was allegedly and infamously instructed to get ready for a short vacation, only to be dropped off at an airport and told the relationship was kaput. Upon trying to return to the home they shared for the past five years, the locks had been changed

Cold world.

Per current celebrity relationship standards, and despite a signed NDA, she is suing Tiger Woods for a cool $30 million and insists she is supposed to be allowed to stay another five years in the crib she was unceremoniously booted from.

However, Woods is insisting there was never any such agreement in place.

Reports TMZ:

Tiger’s lawyers are challenging Erica Herman, who claimed in her lawsuit Tiger promised to support her and let her live in his house for at least 5 more years in return for services (she did not specify) — this before he broke up with her a few months back.

According to legal docs, Tiger’s lawyers said (BTW the house is partly owned by a trust)  … “During their relationship, Mr. Woods invited Ms. Herman to live with him as his guest in the Residence. Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral tenancy agreement with Ms. Herman. Nor was there ever a written tenancy agreement between Mr. Woods or the Trust, on the one hand, and Ms. Herman, on the other hand. Mr. Woods never transferred to Ms. Herman any ownership interest in or rights of possession to the Residence.”

That sounds like lawyer speak for “GTFOH.”

Tiger’s lawyers also assert that Herman’s story that she was driven to an airport was also a tall tale. They say that Tiger actually hooked her up with a stay at a luxury resort and enough cash to get her own place.

Herman is also claiming the NDA isn’t valid due to a sexual assault. That allegation is a separate case that Woods’ lawyers have yet to address.

Expect this to only get uglier.