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Billionaire Diddy… Billionaire Puff. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? If Sean “Diddy” Combs keeps moving on up like George and Weezy, this could very well be his new title.

The Bad Boy CEO planning to launch a music-themed cable network called Revolt and is aiming to launch the network before the end of the year on December 12, 2012, reports Broadcast & Cable.

The channel is being described as a music and music news outlet with an urban demographic. Puff reportedly has some major backing and partners including the Comcast cable company. Also, former MTV programming chief Andy Schuon is said to be a part of the building at Revolt as well.

According to , Comcast will provide distribution as part of its commitment to the FCC to help launch minority owned networks.

In April, Comcast began soliciting proposals for “independent channels,” according to its press materials. It plans to launch 10 over the next eight years, including eight Hispanic or African American owned channels, and began accepting proposals for the first three last spring.

Each of the 10 will be added to “select Comcast systems as part of the D1 digital tier,” said Comcast; one source believed there would be around 10 million Comcast homes on board at Revolt’s launch.

Comcast announced its plans to launch an “American Latino”-operated channel by July 28, and an African American-owned one by January of 2013, which would fit Diddy’s 12/12 timeframe.

A source said Time Warner Cable (TWC) will also be involved in Revolt distribution, which the source noted would mean around 18 million households, between Comcast and TWC.

Well Diddy  said it a long time ago; “I thought I told ya that we won’t stop.”