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Ja Rule doesn’t dominate the charts in Hip-Hop’s current climate but he’s very much a certified hitmaker and has earned his status as a top touring act. In a recent chat, the Queens, N.Y. star believes that Hip-Hop music is having a negative impact on the decision made by one of the NBA’s brightest stars in Ja Morant.

TMZ Sports chatted up Ja Rule as he was leaving an airport and got his take on Ja Morant and his recent issues, especially the flashing of the gun on Instagram Live in Colorado after a Memphis Grizzlies game. According to the “Holla Holla” artist, Morant is applying Hip-Hop’s current sound to his real life.

NBA player Patrick Beverley said on his podcast, The Pat Bev Show with Rone, that the music of choice for Morant is where all the decisions stem from. Ja Rule also agreed with that assessment, urging the young superstar to focus on his burgeoning NBA career and leave the tough street image in the rearview.

“Hip-Hop is very influential,” the rapper born Jeffrey Atkins began. “I’ve done things in my youth because of Hip-Hop. Redman made ‘How To Roll A Blunt,’ we started smoking blunts.”

Morant has gotten grilled plenty in the press and by former NBA stars, including a candid sit-down with ESPN’s Jalen Rose. Rose issued his own stern warning to Morant, stating that he understood what he was going through and hoped that Morant would correct course.

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