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“His little boy is having hearing problems and he doesn’t have healthcare!”

50 Cent’s ongoing battle with Rick Ross is never ending. He’s tried his best to embarrass and discredit the Bawse, posing with Ross’s baby momma for risqué photo shoots and helping her throw dirt on his name. Now while promoting his new album, Before I Self Destruct, Fif is dissing him…again. 50 posted a video on his Thisis50 website of a radio interview at 102 Jamz in North Carolina.

The G-Unit leader was having a contest to,see if callers could name all four members of Ross’s new group, Triple C’s. If the callers answered correctly, 50 would give them tickets to a football game. Needless to say, it was an epic fail but made for great laughs.

Confused callers kept calling in dumbfounded while Fif continued his tyrannical rant against Ricky.

“By now you’ve probably googled them and for the first time Google doesn’t even know….Nobody knows them, how do you sell records when nobody knows you?!”

After doodling on the faces of Gunplay, Torch, Young Breed and Ross (Yes those are their names) Fif gave his prediction on their album sales.

“Here’s a prediction, ten. Ten thousand copies….I mean they are a country western group trying to write country western music over really bad Hip-Hop production.”

I swear this guy is hilarious! He hates everybody!

Check out the video of 50 going in on Rick Ross and Triple C’s.