Tia Kemp

Tia Kemp, the mother of Rick Ross' children and soon to be cast member of Love & Hip Hop, threatened to "reveal everything" while Rozay dug back as well.

50 is going all in. After releasing flicks yesterday of partying with Rick Ross’ baby mother and son in Las Vegas with Floyd Mayweather, now he has unleased the video. Peep the video. This Shyte is sad…

Rick Ross may have won the lyrical battle but when it comes to the war, 50 Cent is indeed the massacre.  You can definitely tell his new album Before I Self Destruct is out because his usual marketing campaign of promoting his beefs is in full effect. Just this past weekend, 50 and Rick Ross’ […]

“You can’t make hot music to be appealing.  You’re just a lost situation.  And since he can’t match me musically or physically in the streets, he has no street presence.  None.” The war between Curtis and William shows no signs of slowing down but at least they’re keeping it on wax.  Since Katt Williams has […]

“His little boy is having hearing problems and he doesn’t have healthcare!” 50 Cent’s ongoing battle with Rick Ross is never ending. He’s tried his best to embarrass and discredit the Bawse, posing with Ross’s baby momma for risqué photo shoots and helping her throw dirt on his name. Now while promoting his new album, […]

Rick Ross is undoubtedly having a tough year especially when it comes to his pockets. As previously reported he had $60,000 worth of jewelry and a laptop stolen by groupies after performing a concert in Tennessee back in June. Now his baby momma and virtually arch-enemy, Tia Kemp, is getting what she’s asked for all […]