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“You can’t make hot music to be appealing.  You’re just a lost situation.  And since he can’t match me musically or physically in the streets, he has no street presence.  None.”

The war between Curtis and William shows no signs of slowing down but at least they’re keeping it on wax.  Since Katt Williams has been M.I.A., these two have to be the funniest comedians in Hip-Hop today.  While 50 went at Ross and Triple C’s last week, Ross doesn’t miss a beat with his latest diss toward the G-Unit general and his soldiers.

In this exclusive interview with, Ross and The Carol City Cartel pay their respects to Lloyd Bank’s career and he even has a few words for his son’s mother Tia who’s been carrying the G-Unit flag as of late.  Thanking “Wood Face,” The Boss declares that he ended 50’s career and broke new artist in the process.

“Please Jesus don’t let me ever sell the way Lloyd Banks did and now you can’t even put out a fu*%*in mixtape.  That’s sad.  Me, I’m living my dream.  I’m going on my second #1 album in 6 months.  You find someone else that’s doing that then you come back and see the boss.”

Thanking 50 for his increase in show fees, Ross also declares while crushing “The Monkey,” he broke new acts.

“I broke new acts, aren’t I a genius. I can’t lie, it’s the best Shyte in life. It cost money to go to war, you spend a lot of it but you still lost.  Your shows ain’t doing really good. I could sign Lloyd Banks right now for $25-thousand…Gun play you could sign him.  Hey Lloyd Banks, I always liked your album “Hunger For More.”  I don’t think you are the same person now ever since the gay tape came out, your confidence has been gone.  But I’m willing to give you one more opportunity on a major label.  Ya’ll remember when Woodface called Koch a graveyard… what the fu*k is your company now.  I heard the whole G-Unit went to Koch/E1 and they refused to do the deal.”

Ross also spoke on his son’s mother Tia Kemp who appeared a few months back on the cover of Smooth magazine with 50.

“I talk to her all the time, I feel it’s great for her, it’s big for her, it’s the other dudes that look dumb to me. After you become so successful…if I’m gonna be on the cover to garner attention I might have a Zoe, a supermodel. A Tyra Banks, I’m not going to go get an uneducated person that needs it, I get no points form that.”

Umm…You did get her pregnant right and wasn’t she your maid????

“So it really is a bad look for the dude really to know that you still aren’t selling records.  You can’t sell records and I’m back with another number one album already while you laying on the ground getting peed on in pictures. Was that supposed to be (the joke), I didn’t get the joke. You think I would’ve gotten on the cover with something like that, are you crazy… That’s just me though.”

The comedic onslaught then continues as he spits some truth about 50 not being able to deliver a hot single.

“You can’t make hot music to be appealing.  You’re just a lost situation.  And since he can’t match me musically or physically in the streets, he has no street presence. None. And I disrespected him to the utmost, he had to spend money, damn near spending a million dollars to go to war with Rick Ross.  Guess how much I spent, nothing. You know why, he’s not worth it. I can do what I want to do with him as long as I want to and it won’t cost me a penny.

Him, he got to pay them people online to say they don’t like blogs, you got to pay the web site you got to pay the girl to take pictures with him. Lloyd Banks lives with his momma, you better give him some money. Lloyd Banks is out here independent struggling, my dude’s on tour.  We dropping the number one album. Buddy and them haven’t made a profit in years and they continue to make bad decisions… You got to understand what the G-Unit brand used to be. This was a mode that I was willing to flow once and now everything they’re affiliated with crumbles.

M.O.P. tarnished their legacy, Mobb Deep, G Unit, poor Olivia? Lloyd Banks he can barely afford to snort 20 dollars of powder, I heard he can’t even afford his habit. And 50 cent, your whole staff is gone, you can’t even go to your community.  I’m in New York City more than you are.

And now since you can’t put out no albums, Interscope dropped your label.  Jimmy Iovine isn’t satisfied with your product.  Now you want to rally all the New York artist together and make it look positive. Now you want to go and see the kids where you’re from.  You should’ve done it when you were number one. That’s what we would’ve respected and that’s the difference between good strategies and poor strategies.

Thank you Woodface for making me the biggest ni**a in the game.  You ended your career, you’re finished.  You’re laying on the ground being peed on by broke bi%$hes… Never lay on the floor for no Slore. Where you from? Who’s telling you to do this…?”

Again Rick, you did have a kid with shorty so what’s that saying about you.  And sad to say, Triple C’s Custom Cars & Cycles didn’t come close to being number one.  Nevertheless, comical satire.  Can’t wait to see what Before I Self Destruct does.

In the meanwhile, check out the video for more and stay tuned for Hip-Hop Wired’s upcoming feature with Rick Ross where he goes he gets a little deeper than rap.

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