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Tekashi 6ix9ne- MiamiBash 2021

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If you thought the brutal beatdown that Tekashi Snitch9ine caught the other day at LA Fitness would’ve humbled the outspoken and often annoying Hip-Hop pariah, think again.

Remaining as defiant as ever, the rainbow haired rapper considers the beating of a lifetime a small hiccup during his recent stint in Florida. According to TMZ, he feels that he doesn’t need security 24/7 even as he continues to pull a Croc out his ass. Still, the “FuFu” rapper feels safe enough in Trump country to remain there and try to live the “normal” life of a government informant who stands out like a sour, colorful thumb.

From TMZ:

Sources close to Tekashi tell TMZ … he’s actually been going out in public without his hired muscle pretty regularly over the last year — without issue. We’re told he’s not about to let one incident change the way he lives. He wants to continue to live as normal a life as possible … and is chalking up the gym beatdown as an outlier.

What’s more, Tekashi has no plans on leaving South Florida, despite the attackers saying snitches weren’t welcome in their neighborhood.

Yeah, we give it a few weeks before Tekashi is run out of town and holes up somewhere in Seattle like Henry Hill did after snitching on the mob. Watch Macklemore catch him lacking out there too though.

While we wait and see if authorities catch up to the men who caught 6ix9ine slipping in the locker room, another video has surfaced of Tekashi catching the universal. Man, it was not pretty. If you get stomped out by a guy in Crocs (different colored ones on top of that), you might as well just never come back outside. Just sayin’.

What do y’all think of Tekashi 6ix9ine saying he’s not leaving Florida? Is he cappin’ to save face or do y’all think he’s seriously staying put in the Sunshine state? Let us know in the comments section below.