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Sacramento Kings v Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal, the star guard for the Washington Wizards, is at the center of a police investigation after a reported confrontation with a fan in Florida. According to reports, a fan yelled at Beal over losing money in a bet which prompted the St. Louis native to confront the man.

ESPN reports that Bradley Beal, 29, was with the Wizards on March 21 taking on the Orlando Magic in a losing contest. While walking off the court, the fan in question yelled at Beal, using an expletive in the process. Beal reportedly walked over and smacked the hand of the man’s friend, which reportedly knocked off the heckler’s hat.

Video of the footage that was obtained by local police was said to feature beal telling the man that he didn’t care about his lost bet, with some choice adult language dispersed throughout. If the investigation of the footage goes forward, Beal has the potential of seeing a simple battery charge come his way.

The NBA is aware of the incident and is looking into the matter. The Washington Wizards have yet to release any statements related to Bradley Beal.

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