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BTB Savage

BTB Savage, a rising rapper based in Houston, Texas, was gunned down in an apparent drive-by shooting last week in what some believe to be a targeted attack. The mother of BTB Savage spoke out recently about her son’s violent death, revealing details about the man born Darrell Gentry.

Speaking with local news outlet ABC13, Bernita Ward mentioned not referring to her son by his stage name while still being supportive of his venture and shared some of the 26-year-old rapper’s backstory.

“I never refer to him as BTB Savage,” the Instagram mogul, Ward, said. “I am not one of those parents to cover up your child’s lifestyle.”

Ward says that BTB Savage served in the military for four years and was the father to a 4-year-old son. She spoke of her son’s rising Hip-Hop career but detailed how a group of men attempted to rob him at his San Antonio, Texas apartment under the guise of musical collaboration.

Gentry famously explained how he and his girlfriend fended off the would-be robbers in San Antonio, using the image of the aftermath to promote a new musical project. Some speculate that the image led to the shooting death that left Gentry dead hours after sharing the image to Twitter.

Ward said that she told Gentry to remove the image from social media but added that the alleged robbers taunted him and said that they would be after him. Ward recognized that her son’s action also disrupted the life of another family, and now both sides are mourning the losses of their sons.

“I want to encourage all the youth, stop the violence,” Ward said. “Stop the violence. Do something different with your life. I am fully aware of who my son is. The violence that takes place in these streets with these youth is so unnecessary. Kill your debt, kill the negativity. Don’t kill each other.”

Photo: Source: @btb_.savage / Instagram