fatal shooting

The world now knows more details behind PnB Rock’s shocking murder.

Tee Grizzley‘s car was shot at in Detroit. Unfortunately, a passenger was killed—the rapper’s manager who also happened to be his aunt.

A Maryland rapper was found dead inside a crashed vehicle last Friday (June 7) after reports of a shooting, and now more details are emerging about the matter. Tre Da Kid, a 32-year-old Annapolis man, was reported dead after a caller alerted local authorities of a shooting that evening.

The tragic story of Nipsey Hussle’s murder gets harder to digest by the day. A friend of the late rapper has just been booked for his street connections.

Friends and family are mourning the athlete's death after he was killed in Atlanta, just before celebrating his birthday.

In the wake of XXXTentacion’s violent death, the Rap community is reflecting on the value of life. Surprisingly, or not, master agitator 6ix9ine was also touched by his peer’s passing.

Yes you read that correctly. Men need to watch how they talk to their women or get dealt with.

“I didn’t even know the n*gga like that, but the feeling I felt, it was like my best friend just died.” Everything in the world is born and finds a means to live, but ultimately comes to an end, even if only for the time being. Onyx member Fredro Starr has been bringing his Tales […]

Ever sit back and wonder why everything that has the name Martin Luther King, Jr tagged to it is usually a place where something goes wrong and crime seems to run rampant? Most people that live in cities that have a street named after Dr. King will probably make that the street is flooded with […]