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Kurt “Big Boy” Alexander’s new book, An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size, on Cash Money Content/Atria/Simon & Schuster, relays his struggles with weight throughout his life and how he’s managed to succeed despite a life of turmoil. The radio host has become a self-proclaimed “ambassador for weight loss” after going through gastric bypass surgery and shedding hundreds of pounds. Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Big Boy and one of the topics he discussed was aligning with Slim and Birdman Williams’ publishing venture, Cash Money Content, despite their rep for music hits, not books.

“When I first did the book, we put the proposal out and it was like, ‘Okay if we get two or three bites then we’re doing very well’,” Big Boy told Hip-Hop Wired. “We got nine hits on the book and one of them was Cash Money. So when my agency called and was like Cash Money…I’ma keep it real, I don’t want to do a book with Cash Money. Cause I’m thinking you crack open a back of a magazine and it’s that do dirty, I sell drugs book. I was like I’m not doing this…”

But Big Boy had a change of heart when he did his due diligence.

“Once I really thought about it and I talked to the cats from Cash Money, it just made a lot of sense for me to jump in with Cash Money Content,” he said.

However, Big Boy is still waiting on a Cash Money chain to really seal the deal.

“I thought I would get a necklace or something gaudy, but they didn’t send nothing yet.”

The gregarious radio host also spoke about fooling T.I. into think he passed out on an episode of the Atlanta rapper’s reality series T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

“It worked. It scared the hell out of him,” said Big Boy. “Now I know T.I. love me. I had to get up before he thought he had to do mouth to mouth or something.”