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Kim Osorio recently officially returned to the Source Magazine as its new Editor-In-Chief. Hip-Hop Wired caught up with veteran journalist to discuss her return to the magazine that was once heralded as Hip-Hop’s ‘Bible.’

“My goals are to solidify our place in the space; and that includes not just print media but also digital, and even production wise, entertainment, film, TV and really focus on the content we’re bringing,” Osorio told Hip-Hop Wired.

The author of Straight From The Source, also maintained that the magazine is still an important part of Hip-Hop culture.

“It’s something that we need,” Osorio said. “Its grown up with Hip-Hop and I think a lot of brands have come and gone. However the Source, despite everything that’s happened with different people coming through…the brand has survived all of that. All of the negative stuff, all of the positive stuff, it still managed to be ‘the source,’ when it comes to Hip-Hop.”