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On the 12th anniversary of the passing of one of Hip-Hop’s Greats, Big Pun, DJ Whoo Kid & DJ Mister Cee remember the fallen MC in their own way. The 5th installment of Whoo Kid’s sit down with, he shares a story of almost being killed by Big Pun and his crew, for leaking a beef record which caused some friction between him and the Latin Kings.


“I understand you’re a mixtape dj, and you wanna make your money, but the record you put out on your cd, nobody else put it out. I’m gonna explain to you, that this record right here got the Latin Kings laughing at me…I look crazy, and I’m respected by the Latin Kings. On the next mixtape, I want you to intro it and say Fawk Jay-Z!” – Pun


The story that Whoo Kid shared was very animated, and one that essentially told the story of what saved his life at the time. While the story was told in a very humorous manner, the eventual loss of Pun, was one filled with sorrow. Today (Feb. 7th 2012) serves as the 12th anniversary of the fallen MC, due to a heart attack. Pun’s loss attributes to Fat Joe’s motivation to help children fight obesity, and helps to serve as an inspiration to his own weight loss.


Joey does his part to keep Pun’s legacy alive, and today he got some help from DJ Mister Cee. Cee got behind the turntables of Hot 97, and gave Pun the proper salute. Although he is no longer with us, through his music, Big Pun’s legacy lives on.


Listen and download Mister Cee’s tribute to the Big Punisher. Rest in Power.