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Even if you’re crafty at navigating through the perils of social media, Twitter can still be a gift and a curse. Hip-Hop artists use the site to communicate with fans, promote new projects or post senseless Twitpics. The aforementioned “marketing tactics” can be mildly appealing, but every once in a while, keeping up with Twitter goes terribly wrong. Before they know it, Hip-Hop’s heavyweights end up dead in the online world, and all it takes is a simple #RIP hashtag to send someone to their Twitter grave.

Soulja Boy recently became the latest rapper to be hit with Twitter death rumors, and as it turns out he’s in great company. Everyone from Drake to Eminem, has fallen victim to fake death stories. Peep our list of 10 Rappers Killed On Twitter.

Click the #’s below to see whose deaths were great exaggerated.

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