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Sway and MTV News recently caught up with Rick Ross and asked him about his beef with Young Jeezy. Holding back no punches Rozay responded with, “It’s real life for me so it is what it is. On my side I always kept it 100 and I ain’t never give it to nobody that didn’t have it coming to them.  We here to get the paper and right now ain’t nobody here in my tax bracket so I see nobody on that level. Get yo $1’s up.  Success is the quickest way to kill an enemy. ”

Sway, who softened him up for the questions with a pat on the back, also asked the Mayback Music honcho if he’s be willing to work with Jeezy in the future. His response can be assumed as “No,” but he stated, “I’m about business, that’s why I’m here.  I haven’t took nothing personal since I came in the game and I think if you are in the business and plan on having longevity in this business then you shouldn’t take nothing personal ’til somebody step on your Jordans.  And ain’t nobody stepped on my Jordans yet… not out here. So as far as I’m concerned bring that money bag  and lets shake the world up and that’s what MMG is doing. ”

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Just in case you missed, Ross gave it to Jeezy on the title track from his latest mixtape Rich Forever.

“White sheet, yellow tape, Where yo dogs at?/ Count a million cash, can you blog that?/ Me and Ninjas yo type never exchange numbers, Want to conversate and steal game from us…. /Yo sh%#t pushed back cause it ain’t buzzing

Now these thugs actors all of a sudden/ Ninjas hustle backwards all of a sudden/ Can’t talk snow where the South at/  Your man got murked but you squashed that / Hope you knowing what we call that… I think you know just what we call that/ All you Pu%%$$y boys fall back”



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