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The soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets may not be NBA elite, but if you’re amongst the wealthy that can score one of the eleven event level suites that Jay-Z is reportedly extremely hands on with, you will feel like a winner. The Nets part-owner is not playing when it comes to luxury in what will be called “The Vault At Barclays Center” as Hov is involved with the aesthetics which include the minute details of what kind of forks to use and which champagne will be poured in the 11 event-level suites that carry a hefty price tag of $550K with a minimum lease term of three years. An article in today’s Wall Street Journal outlines just how pristine these suites are expected to be.

“Forks need to be heavy, he told his small audience, which included Chris Sharples, the architect in charge of designing a block of luxury suites at Barclays Center that would bear the rap impresario’s imprint. Forks, Jay-Z said, need to have substance. A plastic fork? Please. Even stainless steel was out of the question.”

Forks. Jay-Z is worried about forks. That Shyte cray. But not only is he pining over the flatwear, Jigga is making sure that the liquor being poured is handpicked and the décor fits his high standards. For those who have been following this story, you shouldn’t be too surprised with his hands on approach as he’s reportedly been involved with everything from the Nets’ new uniforms, logo and team colors; all of which will be unveiled this Spring.

This September, Hova will celebrate the opening of the new arena with a concert. Yeah, he’s involved. However, it’s still not known exactly what his ownership percentage is. Either way, he’s making sure his fingerprints are all over this one. If he doesn’t have a huge stake in the Brooklyn Nets it will surely feel like it.

The luxury suites are kind of like a big deal; especially when you consider that Jay-Z will be one of the eleven tenants. No wonder why he’s so interested in the details. One small problem, what about the 99% of Nets fans who can’t afford these luxuries? Well, there will be 2,000 tickets priced at $15 or less. No, there will be no champagne and high end silverware. You’ll just have to make due with an overpriced Bud Light and a plastic fork for your chili cheese fries. Nevertheless, you can say that you shared a building with Jay-Z and a bunch of snooty rich folks.

Now, whether or not all these luxuries will equate to the Nets making the playoffs is a different story. But whoever is sitting in these suites sipping on $300 bottles of Armand de Brignac, surrounded by shimmering black metallic décor and eating their meal with the finest of flatwear, do you think they’ll care whether or not the Nets are getting blown out? Probably not.

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