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Alley Boy passed by Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 to talk about his latest mixtape Ni**anati. The Duct Tape Entertainment MC has been making waves since he voiced his opinion about two of ATL’s most prominent artists, T.I. and Young Jeezy (also: see Alley Boy’s extensive interview with Hip-Hop Wired). The trapstar spoke with 107.9’s B-High about the mixtape, the meaning behind the project, and explained the origins of his beef with Tip and Jeezy.

“The purpose of Ni**anati was to turn it up. I brought it out in November and ruffled some feathers. I just wanted to show them what it is and what it’s gonna be. It’s a real demanding mixtape,” Alley told B-High. The ATL MC is known for representing the streets and prides himself on keeping it real, rather than aim for the commercial lane in Hip-Hop. “It’s easier for me to be me, because when I try and be something I’m not, it makes it harder for me to record. When I go in and just be me and talk about what’s going on around me, it’s that must easier and I don’t have to change up. I feel like as long as I’m doing me, I’ll always be comfortable.”


Alley began to share his favorite records on his new mixtape, which includes the controversial “I Want In,” which takes aim at Young Jeezy and T.I. He got a chance to explain what the root of the problem is, with the two Hip-Hop stars. “I said what I said and I meant it! I look at dude [T.I.] like a coward…It’s honestly middle finger to both of them!”

To this day, neither Tip or Jeezy have responded to the remarks from Alley, but maybe this interview will change that. See what else the Duct Tape MC had to say.