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“I had to fight to get that on the album because I don’t think a lot of people at the label understood it.”

No person can imagine the magnitude of emotion an artist will endure when he/she finds out that his/her album has been leaked.  In the case of D.C. rapper Wale, part of the new class, it is a shock to the system to know that he will already have a disadvantage with his debut Attention Deficit.

Leaks hit the net for the upcoming project which is scheduled for release on November 10.

For those that already have the album and those that are still waiting to hear it, the rapper that made “Chillin” has minimal presence in the album as the body of work shows him to be more than a pop song.

One song in particular, titled “Shades,” shows Wale speaking on his childhood and dealing with different complexions of the African American race and having a negative perception towards those with lighter skin.

Speaking with Peace Magazine, the rapper opened up on the meaning behind the track and how it was actually a song about self and dealing with his own insecurities.

“’Shades’ isn’t necessarily about my resentfulness, at one point I thought I was resenting them, but it was a lack of confidence in myself that led me to behave the way I did at that time in my life.”

Outside of the song, Wale added there are different shades within the industry which causes differences due to a lack of comprehension with creativity and how he had to miss out on other powerful songs which were meant for the album.

“There’s not a lot of ethnicity in the industry, as far as the higher ups go, and those guys are great at marketing and doing what they do, but a lot of times, records like “Ice & Rain,” “Family Affair,” these are all records that I wanted to get on the album, but I couldn’t.  “Shades was one where it had to and I was going to refuse to do anything if it didn’t come out.”

The industry has been in disarray for quite some time where sales outweigh substance and feeling.  The powers that be are not looking for an individual; instead they want clones which he is unwilling to be from this point forward.

“I understand the game; you have to put a record out like that to wake up the people that don’t really care about self in music.  Now, it’s on now.  Y’all know what I want to make now so be prepared.  I’m not here to be a pop act.  “Chillin” is a pop song and I’m not here to be a pop act.  I enjoyed what Gaga brings to the table and I wanted to make something that could be a lot of fun, but I don’t think I’ll be going back down that road ever.”

Even with such a misstep before the gun blows to start the race, sales may be hurt, but the message is still there for everyone to hear.  With a week before the official release, Wale won’t allow the shades of music to cover his voice.