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There’s a new buzz coming out of Memphis, Tennessee and it belongs to Zed Zilla. The River City is down with Yo Gotti and the young phenom’s star started to take flight after the release of his latest project, Rent’s Due 1; a 16 track mixtape that features Yo Gotti, 2 Chainz and Pleasure P.

Rapping since the age of 15, Zilla’s name originates from the famed fire breathing movie monster Godzilla, who ignited flames upon anything in its path, which is essentially what Zed does. In fact, Zilla’s ability spread rapidly throughout the Memphis area and led to his appearance on all six installments of Yo Gotti’s Cocaine Muzik mixtape series. Naturally, when it came time for Zilla to launch his own project, Gotti was right there to assist the young star. “I’m blessed to be working with Yo Gotti,” Zed Zilla explains. “He has been down the road I’m headed, and he holds no punches. We came together with a plan, and watching the plan put into effect and to be working is all I could ask for. With the Rent’s Due project, I was given complete control over what songs and features I wanted. I worked mostly with my in-house production team Quantum Sounds, and I was in my comfort zone. I’m ready to show the world who Zed Zilla is.”


Hip-Hop Wired got a chance to speak with the Memphis MC on who he is, his next project Rent’s Due 2: Late Notice, and much more. For those that aren’t familiar with your work, describe what type of MC Zed Zilla is.


Zed Zilla: I’m an artist who’s cd consists of a lot of the things I’ve gone through. I like the club songs, but I’ve got a lot of songs that come from the heart, and a lot of realness. I put a lot of what’s around me into my music, such as my people that are going through hard times. I’m also a person who’s cd you can listen to all the way through and get a different vibe from each song that’s on the tape. Explain the origins of your relationship with Yo Gotti.


Zed Zilla: That came about because we’re basically from the same area in Memphis, he’s from North Memphis and I’m from the Southside. I had a pretty major grind on my own and he reached out and gave me a hand, basically adding a little gas to the fire. We’ve been clicking ever since…That’s my guy! What’s the reception been like since you released Rent’s Due, and how has the touring gone for you?


Zed Zilla: It’s been crazy! The tour is doing what I wanted it to do, but better! We dropped the tape in October and have been on the road ever since. This is just my first project and to have been on the road ever since October, is big. I also noticed that 2 Chainz appeared on the project as well. Is there any chance you make an appearance on his Def Jam debut?


Zed Zilla: That would be major. 2 Chainz is one of the guys that I respect in the game…I respect his hustle and his grind. That would be a major look if we could make something like that happen.


HipHopWired: He created a lot of buzz before signing his solo deal with Def Jam. Is there any chance that you sign on with a major, or would you rather stay independent?


Zed Zilla: As of right now, I’m connected with Gotti and he’s been showing me the ropes…we can do everything a major can do right now! Eventually we’ll need that major look, but it’s no rush right now. He’s got everything set up for me. Also, sometimes labels don’t have their ear to the streets, because if they did, I think they would’ve pushed Gotti’s new album harder and put more effort into it. I know situations are always different from person to person, so that doesn’t necessarily keep me from signing with a major. I think they put his album out kinda fast and didn’t give him a chance to do what it could’ve done, but he made it work. I think it’s on the individual [artist] also. Tell us about Rent’s Due 2 with DJ Drama.


Zed Zilla: I’m trying to make it better than the first one, which was a classic and did wonders for me in the streets. We had so much music recorded within the past year, but I think we’ve finally narrowed it down to about 13 or 14 songs. After that we handed it over to Drama, so we can see what he’s gonna do with it. We gotta make this one a classic like the first, but I think this one is even better than part one. As far as features, I have two open slots for Meek Mill and 2 Chainz, and of course Gotti’s on a few records also. The tape will drop within the next month or so, once Drama finishes up with it…as soon as that happens we’re back on the road! Do you have any goals or expectations for this project?


Zed Zilla: I’m a big fan of Gotti’s music and the fact that he can go from his hit records on Live From The Kitchen and on to Cocaine Muzik versions one through six at a show and still keep the fans attention, so my goal is to build something like that. I want to be able to extend my show and perform good music consistently. I’m looking forward to building my own Rent’s Due series and continuing my grind.



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