The 'Growing Up Hip Hop' star and CMG label boss confirmed their relationship on New Year's Eve donning matching black evening attire.

Hip-Hop has taught us time after time that everything you hear on the internets might not be true. Yo Gotti is saying that the speculation about Blac Youngsta being released are big cap.

The Memphis rapper joins three others in a partnership group deal, but the terms of the deal are unknown to the public.

The conditions of a Mississippi prison were so awful that Jay-Z and Yo Gotti joined forces to file a lawsuit on behalf of the inmates housed there. A second lawsuit has been filed, putting pressure on officials at the prison to address the long list of issues and concerns that plague the facility.

On Tuesday evening (Jan 28), Yo Gotti hosted a dinner for NYC media at the Four Seasons. The Memphis rapper is preparing for the release of his tenth album on Friday (Jan 31), titled Untrapped.

Team Roc, Roc Nation‘s philanthropy division, have used their reach to expose the horrendous conditions inside a prison in Mississippi. Yo Gotti and Jay-Z are leading a charge to bring light to what inmates housed in Parchman Prison via a number of photos and video footage.

Jay-Z and Yo Gotti are honoring their promise to inmates at several Mississippi prisons who are being exposed to deplorable and inhuman conditions by assisting the inmates in filing a law suit against the prison officials.


Yo Gotti might be dealing with some legal drama but regardless of the bumps in the road he is coming up in the world something serious. The “Down In The DM” rapper is about to throw his seventh annual birthday bash and while most of the world isn’t going to be invited they’ll be able to […]

Yo Gotti was slammed with a $6.6 million judgment after taking an initial $20,000 payout for a feature for a North Carolina artist and then allegedly attempting to pull the artist away from his management team for $150,000. After not signing a release to allow Young Fletcher to release the collaboration on his own, a […]

Yo Gotti earned a slight victory in court after he accused a high-end auto shop of wrecking his Lamborghini. The “Put A Date On It” rapper was awarded just over $66,000 after claiming the shop caused around $390,000 in damages.

Yo Gotti‘s tour bus got sprayed with bullets while in Nashville. Fortunately for the Memphis rapper, he wasn’t on board at the time and no one was hurt.