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Parchman Farm Dormitory

Source: Robert Elfstrom/Villon Films / Getty

Team Roc, Roc Nation‘s philanthropy division, have used their reach to expose the horrendous conditions inside a prison in Mississippi. Yo Gotti and Jay-Z are leading a charge to bring light to what inmates housed in Parchman Prison via a number of photos and video footage.

TMZ reports that Team Roc obtained footage from some of the inmates’ cell phones, which is an illegal possession in prison, that is shocking to the core. One clip shows a brawl between inmates that concluded in one man being stabbed, while another showed the unsanitary conditions of a cell that didn’t even have running water.

Yo Gotti and Team Roc filed a lawsuit against Parchman Prison officials on the behalf of 29 inmates and an emergency restraining order, which was reportedly turned down in federal court.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves announced that his administration will shut down just one portion of the crumbling prison, presumably due to a lack of adequate staff members serving the area. However, Gotti says this is a welcome gesture but doesn’t cover the needs of prisoners in full.

“Governor Reeves’ plan to close down a Parchman prison unit that has caused devastating deaths is a necessary first step,” Gotti told TMZ. “Beyond that, he must implement broader safety measures to address similar issues in other units and urgently provide inmates with medical attention. In the interim, we’re calling for the Department of Justice to step in, move the Parchman inmates to federal prisons and ensure their immediate well-being.”

Watch the footage shared by Team Roc below. A Warning: some of the images may be disturbing.

Photo: Getty