Bow Wow has been in the rap game for over a decade and still feels like he has something to prove. Hence the title of his upcoming seventh LP, Underrated, due out in April. But don’t think Wow will step too far outside the box to affirm that he deserves your respect.

B Dub recently chatted with Vibe and discussed his new project, which is studded with top notch features including, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown. The Ohio native said to especially look out for a track with fire-hot newcomer Meek Mill entitled “The Cypher.”

“The song is at two minutes and thirty seconds right now of just me and him (Meek Mill) goin’ but I remember when he left the studio he was like, it’s up to you, whatever we can do that…or we can throw whoever else on the end,” said Bow. “So I thought it would be easy for Ross to get on it ‘cause MMG, YMCMB, we all fam anyway so to get Ross on that one plus his artist is on it anyway so I think that’ll be love so yeah that could happen.”

Shad also talked about making his music more relatable in order to touch base with his fans a la the late great Tupac.

“I think that was the illest thing about ‘Pac” said Bow Wow. “That ‘Pac never really used punch lines in none of his raps, but when he spoke, you listened and he said words that you can hear and take in. It was easy to digest. It was easy to break down and that’s how I really kinda took with this one.”

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