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There has been an alarming rate of young women and transgendered persons going under the knife of fake doctors promising to bless their clients with new curves by way of injections. The latest illegal surgeon to make headlines is Philadelphia woman Padge “Black Madam” Windslowe, who was arrested after a police raid on her Germantown home Wednesday night.

Windslowe’s was host to a so-called “pumping party” or “butt party” where clients gather to receive silicone injections into their bottoms. Police broke up the booty enhancing affair before it started and slapped Windslowe with charges of simple assault, aggravated assault, and deceptive business practices along with other charges related to the illegal injection of a 23-year old last month.

Windslowe, 42, was also being investigated in the death of a 20-year old British student who was said to have received butt injections last February. Windslowe has not been charged with the death of the student thus far.

The “Black Madam” house raid was reported by Newsworks to have been born of a case where the aforementioned 23-year old paid Windslowe $1,000 in cash to get the procedure done with three other women. As a result of the surgery, silicone entered the woman’s lungs causing severe health complications.

Windslowe is being held on $10 million dollars bail and could be charged with the February 2011 death of the student.



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