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Cardi B

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Charlamagne Tha God just paid Cardi B one of the biggest compliments of her career. He says she shifted the culture just like Jay-Z and Drake.

As spotted on Blavity, the media personality paid a visit to the It’s Up There podcast and discussed the current state of the rap industry and more. During the conversation Charlamange The God discussed the female MC landscape and made sure to give Bardi an abundance of flowers. “Salute to Cardi. Cardi shifted that in the culture,” he explained. “Because Cardi made it where you’re the OG, you’re the person that’s made all the money, you sold all the records, but you have no problem putting your arm around that next person.”

He went to call out that Cardi has a history of embracing new artists; especially females. “Cardi did for female rap what Jay-Z and Drake did. Like Jay-Z, whatever that next thing was out, Jay-Z was jumping on it. Whether it was Juvenile‘s ‘Huh.’ Whether it was Houston, whether it was Rick Ross…whoever it was, Jay was jumping on there,” Charlamagne added. “I think Cardi’s doing both. I think Cardi’s helping to make the artist big, and she’s helping to make the music big.”

Just this week, Cardi B announced she jumped on FendiDa Rappa’s “Point Me 2” record. You can hear the song below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls