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Some people just write the checks to catch the fade all by themselves. The latest on the fade administration watch list is MTV’s reality series The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes contestant Emily Schromm, a former member of The Real World: Washington D.C. cast. Emily, clearly still struggling with being raised in an oppressive religious environment, foolishly paraded around in blackface on the show, to which she found the reaction to her display overwrought.


Emily was making fun of her black ex-boyfriend and RW: DC alum Ty Ruff by covering her face with Nutella (there’s an obvious joke here we’ll avoid). Calling the act “funny, innocent, theatrical” all at once, young Emily failed to see how offensive this could be. Asking housemate Camila Nakagawa if the portrayal was racist and getting the go-ahead from her pal, Emily, fresh out of Missouri, goes on to mock Ty who gamely acknowledges the pair by saying sarcastically “that’s sorta not racist.”


Other members of the Challenge home were also appalled at Emily’s lame attempt at comedy, and it was clear she was enjoying herself with Camila. After some time, the jabs from the two seemingly affected Ty, a Baltimore native.

Emily, clearly not chemical engineer material, didn’t even realize the severity of her joke. “”I grew up really sheltered,” she said on the show. “I’ve never even heard of blackface.”

We think Emily is hip right about now. May we recommend she pick up a copy of Bamboozled.


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