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Xbox Voice Recording Aims To Get Toxic Gamers Out The Paint

Source: Xbox / Xbox Voice Reporting

If you get your rocks off by talking tremendous amounts of toxic sh*t in games like Call of Duty, count your days. Xbox is launching a voice reporting feature to rid COD lobbies of the constant nuisance.

Spotted on The Verge, Xbox began rolling out its new reactive voice moderation feature to Xbox Insiders, allowing players to capture and submit 60-second audio clips of inappropriate voice chat messages that the Xbox safety team will review.

GM of Trust and Safety Kim Kunes said the feature would be Xbox’s next step in ensuring player safety in comments provided to the website.

Per The Verge:

“If a player experiences something in our community that they don’t like and they want to report that to us, they have a variety of different options for doing that,” Kunes said. “We do moderation proactively on text, on images, and videos, and launching reactive voice moderation is about that audio portion of it.”

This new feature was designed to be as minimally invasive as possible so players can capture and report offending clips without disrupting gameplay. If you hear something and want to report it, you can capture it in the moment, then submit your report later.

If you’re worrying about “big brother,” aka Xbox, listening in on your voice chats, Kunes said that the company will not record or store your player voice chats.

“Recording is strictly done through the reporting functionality, and it’s only available for moderation purposes,” Kunes said to The Verge. “So it’s not something that the player can save or share separately from that reporting mechanism to us.”

How Xbox Voice Recording Works?

The clips will only live for 24 hours, and Xbox will send you a reminder to submit your clip for moderation before deletion.

Through an expanded notification system, Xbox will notify you of your submitted report results and explain why the company took the action it decided on.

A human will moderate each report, not an algorithm, Kunes revealed. That greatly minimizes the chance of a player’s account getting a strike or unfair banning. Players who submit reports can also add additional information for context.

Suspected offenders will have the ability to file an appeal against any decision made by Xbox. Insiders that live in English-language markets — US, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand have access to Xbox Voice Recording.

Kunes says Xbox will finalize their plan for a final rollout after gathering more data from Xbox Insiders’ time using the feature.

Voice moderation features are not new. Games like Overwatch 2 and Valorant have used the feature since 2020. Sony is also rolling out a similar feature on the PlayStation platform.

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Photo: Xbox / Xbox Voice Reporting