Rapper Who Made “Waffle House” Song Gets Served Legal Papers, From Waffle House

There’s nothing like taking your time to pen a heartfelt song showing love to your favorite late night hang out spot, then finding out the establishment you were bigging up said, “Fawk your dreams, ni**a.” That is exactly what happened to Florida rapper J. Bricks shortly after his song “Waffle House” went viral last summer. Waffle House Inc. sent the rapper a cease and desist letter demanding that he change the name of the song and stop using the restaurant’s logo. Bricks offered to alter the title to “WaffleHause (After the Party),” but the WF brass denied his request. Probably sending him a response letter that read something like this:

“N#gg@ Please!”

He finally re-issued the song as just, “After the Party.”

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