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After his actions may have led to a concert promoter being kidnapped and stranded in Angola, Nas is finally getting the chance to tell his side of the story.

In an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, the QB rapper briefly opened up about being accused of causing the debacle. “I didn’t want to touch on it because it seemed like he was in grave danger out there,” he told Sway, explaining that not showing up for the show was not due to his own negligence. “Basically he’s a promoter I never worked with and he wanted me to come to Africa . The business wasn’t handled there were no flights. I think everybody wanted me to get down there, and I wanted to get down there but…. wishful thinking. They didn’t do things properly to get me down there. That was just all wrong, when I’m supposed to go to Africa, people take care of me more or less, it happens.”

As the story goes, Patrick Allocco booked Nas for a New Year’s Eve concert in the African country. When Nas pulled out of the gig, Alloco and  his son were abducted by fellow promoter, Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel, who put up the $315,000 to get Esco on board. The U.S. Embassy later came to the rescue of the Allocco family, but banned them from leaving the country. 42-days later the hold was lifted and they were allowed to leave and return to New Jersey.

Nas may have trouble paying Uncle Sam but he’s far from shady when it comes to other money situations. He returned the money to the promoter not long after hearing of the kidnappings.



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Photo: MTV News