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“Turn off the beat man, turn off the beat.”

Canibus is a rapper whose career never catapulted to where it should have gone due to his inability to fully embrace and utilize his talent.

Recently, he had some words for Invasion Radio when they asked him to freestyle alongside his Undergod partner, Keith Murray.  After Murray shredded through an instrumental and set up the alley for the rapper, Canibus declined.

The mood seemed to change after the DJ jokingly stated that she had a hot 16 to kick.

“Yo don’t disrespect and say you have 16 bars.  That’s what I’m saying man.  You have to have respect for men who rock rhymes all day and all night.  It’s a game to you.  I’ve been vocaling and doing shows for four weeks, then I come up here and just look at me like, ‘Yo, spit somethin’.”

Going on somewhat of a diva tirade, the rapper added that rapping is up to the rapper and no one can just force a rapper to drop some bars just because they want to hear them.

“If anybody wanna rhyme, we just rhyme and if we don’t wanna rhyme, we don’t rhyme.  You can’t push one way or the other, you have to just chill too.”

He also spoke on how he has bled himself dry for the craft and for the fans and has not been able to hold anything for himself.

“I give Hip-Hop everything and don’t keep nothing to myself.”

Talk about a way to throw off his own promotion, the rapper that once feuded with LL Cool J has been off the radar for quite some time so the world of Hip-Hop has high expectations.  It only makes sense to give listeners just a sample outside of the upcoming album.

It’s not like they were trying to get him to tap dance in Black face or anything.

To say fame got to his head would be inaccurate, solely based on the fact that he was never THAT big in the mainstream and essentially faded into obscurity.  The talent is there, without a doubt, but he has lacked the willingness to push himself over the bar when opportunity presents itself.

A person only has so many chances.