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The road to rap stardom is paved with pitfalls, false promises and blown expectations. The slightest misstep could mean a lost chance at a record deal, or a ruined career. Struggle rappers excel at making such mistakes, repeatedly.

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There are times as a writer where you really can’t find the words to properly describe an event. This is one of those times. Canibus, who was once a highly respected lyricist, broke all types of Hip-Hop code when he brought a notepad with him during a rap battle. Not just any rap battle, but […]

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Yo, Canibus was really rapping off a notepad b. Last night, the “Second Round K.O.” rapper and Dizaster battled in LA on pay per view and Twitter was abuzz when Canibus started rhyming off a notepad. We’re not even going to front like we really care about the rest of the battle (word is Dizaster […]

Joe Budden – “Spring Training” No clue when this Joe Budden and Royce Da 5’9” vs. Canibus beef started, but this song is clearly a Canibus diss. Canibus’ “Lyrical Law Vs. Joey Cupcakes” diss song aimed at Budden and Royce was released earlier today. Check both tracks out, and let us know which diss record […]

Canibus Ft. Born Sun “Lyrical Law Vs. Joey Cupcakes” Canibus is back with an attack on Joe Budden and Royce The 5’9″ on this interesting record where he compares them to moist butt wipes. Royce already responded via Twitter and his message makes a comeback seem highly unlikely, “Dear Canibus.. ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzz.” Check out the dart […]


Battle MC, Canibus, has been off of the radar in the industry for a while, but after a three year hiatus, he is remerging with his new album Melatonin Magik, which was released this month. Rumor has it that his lead single “Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M” is a lyrical jab at Hip-Hop veteran KRS-One, for remarks […]

“Benzino, the hardest n*gga, you don’t know him for hammers/ You know him for talkin Shyte with Nore behind the cameras/ I blam at cha and damage ya.” Royce Da 5’9” is clearly a rapper that delivers on his promises.  When he announced the release of Bar Exam 3, he issued a warning to those […]

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Reported earlier last week, rapper Canibus marked his solo return to the game by issuing shots at his former rap adversary Eminem.  Teaming up with rapper DZK, Bis unleashed an “Air Strike” onto the Detroit native unexpectedly. Surprise also came from Hip Hop heads as the attack seemed to come out of nowhere.  Even though […]

“If Proof was alive, he’s be dying inside.  You ain’t no Hip-Hop messiah, you a Beyotch cause you dissed Mariah.  Shyte like that, supposed to be private.” “Pop Killer” It looks like old wounds heal slow as Canibus has set his sights back on Eminem to release another diss track at the Detroit native. Rumored […]