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“Benzino, the hardest n*gga, you don’t know him for hammers/ You know him for talkin Shyte with Nore behind the cameras/ I blam at cha and damage ya.”

Royce Da 5’9” is clearly a rapper that delivers on his promises.  When he announced the release of Bar Exam 3, he issued a warning to those that had foul words for him or his crew.  Starting with his own rendition of “Back By Popular Demand”, the time for revenge is now at he sets his sights first on Benzino and Canibus.

Benzino recently had some words about Slaughterhouse making the statement that the group was overrated and that Made Men would basically lay waste to them in a rap battle.  He even took is as far as releasing the diss record “Good Fellaz” going at the group along with his former nemesis Eminem dropping line such as:

“I can’t be vibin’ with them n*ggas, that’s a dead issue/ He wasn’t so official ‘til I started Fawking with you/ Too overated, what I’m saying might be fraud to them/ They bring that bacon to my house I have to Slaughter ‘em.” 

Nickel also stepped in for his friend Eminem with some jabs to Canibus who recently threw some shots at Shady with “Air Strike”. 

With two down, who else will have crosshairs aimed at their bodies for Nickel to pull the trigger on?