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Reported earlier last week, rapper Canibus marked his solo return to the game by issuing shots at his former rap adversary Eminem.  Teaming up with rapper DZK, Bis unleashed an “Air Strike” onto the Detroit native unexpectedly.

Surprise also came from Hip Hop heads as the attack seemed to come out of nowhere.  Even though they had their issues back in 1999, before Slim Shady became mainstreams, a lot has changed in both of their careers.

Such a diss would bring many to question the validity of the upcoming beef and whether the rapper was just trying to find a means to promote himself and his upcoming project, Melatonin Magik, or if he was really still sour about the past. 

West Coast rapper Ras Kass is one that is very familiar with beef and spoke on the recent “situation” between Canibus and Eminem.  During an interview with Gamertag Radio, the rapper, above all else, was confused on the timing from Bis. 

“But it came outta nowhere.  My personal opinion, I love Eminem just as much as I love Canibus, I do no favoritism in that and I do respect both of them and their talents, immensely.  I just think, me personally, if somebody went at you, there’s an art of war.  In the art of war, this is kind of late to go after him.  Maybe he has a plan and as far as battles and all that, then so be it.” 

Kass also added that as time progresses, a person must find a way to just let go of the past and move on instead of dwelling on what was.  Until something new brews, there is no point in picking a fight.  Channeling into his past grievances with Game, he added that they are just that, the past, and a new battle could only happen if something were to happen in the present.

“Me, personally, like is aid, I love Eminem and I love Canibus, I would have went at Em sooner than now if dude said certain things about me—because some things you gotta let go and it’s the past.  I don’t get along with Game, I’m not gonna make a song about him today.  It’s dead, unless we have some new issue.”

In related news, the rapper recently released The Quarterly , a project that would show Kass comprising a project with a song a week, which is similar to Crooked I’s Hip Hop Weekly.  Features for the project, which released on November 23, consist of Killah Priest, Mistah F.A.B. and others.