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Yesterday, Diggy Simmons had the Internets debating whether him going at J. Cole via a diss song called “What You Say To Me” was necessary, foolish or an exercise in f-ckery. Reverend Run’s son appeared on 99.1 KGGI in Cali and explained that he was simply defending the honor of his sister, Vanessa Simmons, who happened to attend the same school, St. John’s University, as J. Cole.

“My sister, over a year ago, told me that he was saying he did this that and a third with her ’cause they went to the same college,” Diggy explained. “But they didn’t even really know each other like that so it wasn’t like that.  She also told me that he subliminally also talked about her in a song called ‘Purple Rain,’ which was also false. So it was me sticking up for my family. That’s all it really way.”

And there you have it. Watch the rest of the interview, where Diggy maintains that he didn’t leak the year old song, below.



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