angela simmons

The details behind the murder of Angela Simmons’ former love interest have been disclosed and it is far worse than it originally imagined. The evidence points to a very brutal killing.

The father of Angela Simmons‘ toddler son was killed in a drive-by shooting last week. An Atlanta man connected to the shooting has turned himself in to authorities on Wednesday (Nov. 7).

Angela Simmons is mourning the sudden loss of her ex-fiance and son’s father. Yesterday (Nov. 3), Sutton Tennyson was shot and killed in his home in Atlanta. 


Ever since walking into the spotlight, Jojo, Angela and Vanessa Simmons have seen their celebrity and popularity steadily grow without even having to drop any kind of sex tapes (props).

Yesterday (May 27), Angela Simmons confirmed the long brewing rumors that she was pregnant. This confused many who believed the recently engaged Simmons when she told The Breakfast Club she would be a virgin until marriage. 


Angela Simmons, daughter of Reverend Run, is engaged. Like all major announcement in 2016, she confirmed the news on Instagram. 

Yo Gotti has had a public crush on Angela Simmons for some time now. After the Memphis rapper sent Reverend Run’s daughter some flowers congratulating her new venture (faux furs), the Internet thirst wolves pretty much started foaming at the mouth.

Instagram is a haven for the thirst trap and as evidenced by Amber Rose nearly breaking the Internet on Saturday, there’s a wide-open. market for cakes and curves.

Angela Simmons, Hip-Hop royalty and renowned thirst trap, was recently seen in Atlanta hosting a fashion show to benefit HIV/AIDS awareness.

There are some wonderful things happening over on Angela Simmons’ Instagram account. Yes she’s the daughter of Hip-Hop royalty, but at 27, she’s a fully-grown woman. Trust the fact that her IG account has the pictures to prove it.

Last night (March 6), Hennessy V.S and Jermaine Dupri hosted an intimate birthday dinner at Tao Downtown in New York City for Bow Wow. The YMCMB artist celebrated turning 27 (three days early) with family and close friends.

Yes, Angela Simmons, the sister of JoJo “Hemmed Up In Queens” Simmons and Diggy Simmons has been looking mighty grown for a while now.