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Michael Williams Mugshot

Source: Atlanta Police Department / APD

The details behind the murder of Angela Simmons’ former love interest have been disclosed and it is far worse than it originally imagined. The evidence points to a very brutal killing.

TMZ is reporting that Sutton Tennyson’s official autopsy has been released. According to the paperwork he was shot 13 times at his home. The coroner reveals that three hit his heart and did considerable amounts of damage to the vital organ. Other points of contact include his lungs, spleen and stomach.

The amount of times he was hit makes it more plausible to think that this was more than an argument that went left as originally stated by the suspect Michael Williams. He was eventually picked up by local Atlanta police after his licensed plate matched the car leaving the scene. Upon arrest Williams claimed the two got into a disagreement regarding money. Last week he was indicted on murder. He has since denied being the trigger man.

Angela Simmons has two children by Sutton. They were originally set to be married by called off their in engagement in 2017.

Photo: D Dipasupil/Getty Images for WE TV