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Twitter Starts To Rebrand Its San Francisco Headquarters With Giant X Logo

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Officials with the city of San Francisco have stated that the new giant “X” sign of Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter was done without a permit.

On Friday (July 28th), the tech entrepreneur announced a rebrand of the social media messaging platform Twitter to X, removing the bird logo many have come to associate with the company from the company’s headquarters on Market Street, with the Twitter logo replaced with a huge “X” that lights up at high intensity as night falls. But a complaint by city officials charges that the billionaire didn’t have a permit for the change and barred entry to inspectors.

“NOV issued for work without permit. Site visited by MH and spoke with Twitter (sic) representatives and Building maintenance engineer representatives. I explained BID’s complaint investigation process and requested access to roof area. Twitter (sic) representative declined to provide access but did explain that the structure is a temporary lighted sign for an event. I explained to all representatives that the NOV requires the structure to be removed with a building permit or legalize,” the complaint read.

Another detail in the complaint revealed that officials were denied access to the roof in another attempt to review the new sign on Saturday (July 29th). Patrick Hannah, a spokesperson for San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection said in an interview that “to ensure consistency with the historic nature of the building and to ensure the new additions are safely attached to the sign,” the city requires a permit. A Notice of Violation could mean that the company could incur permit fees in addition to those incurred for an investigation into why the situation occurred.

Residents have complained about the new sign’s brightness at night being a nuisance. KQED journalist Christopher Beale captured the sign’s strobe-light effect in a video he posted on the platform. “I feel like if I was a person that was maybe epileptic or had a sensitivity to bright lights and strobes it would be a major problem to live here. For now, it’s just an irritant,” he said to reporters. He did note that the X did go dark on Sunday night (July 30th).