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Does Cardi B have the Midas touch?! We’re not sure but it certainly seems like damn near everything she touches turns to gold even if those things are used as a weapon.

Days after Cardi B went viral for flinging a microphone at a fan who tried to splash her with a liquid substance at a Las Vegas performance, TMZ is reporting that the mic in question is actually going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder because, well, why not? While Cardi’s actions led to numerous comedic memes that have been floating around social media since the incident, no one’s really paid attention to the microphone used in retaliation. Don’t be surprised if it ends up bringing in some big bucks.

TMZ reports:

The mic Cardi hurled into the crowd at Drai’s Nightclub actually belongs to an audio production company called The Wave in Sin City, and the owner tells us he decided to auction it off to benefit a couple of charities. Scott Fisher tells TMZ … it was pretty easy to track down the mic after the show, because the white tape across the bottom of it says “MAIN,” and it still works despite Cardi chucking it into the crowd. Scott says his company provides audio support for most of the major nightclubs in Vegas, including Drai’s.

Cardi might wanna put a bid on that mic just so she can recover some evidence as the woman who caught her wrath has filed a battery report with Las Vegas authorities. Y’all already know she’ll be trying to extract as much paper from Cardi in the process.

The $1000 microphone is currently on eBay with a starting bid of $500, and according to Scott, the proceeds will go to both The Wounded Warrior Project and a local Vegas charity named Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which helps teens and young adults with special needs. Great way to use a viral moment to help some good causes.

Would you bid on the microphone that Cardi B turned into a weapon? Let us know in the comments section below.