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Polo Ralph Lauren’s aspirations for combining the imagined gentility of European and American nostalgia will reach its logical zenith at the 2012 London Olympiad. Taking the design cues from the flapper days of the 1920s and coincidentally the last time the Olympics were played in London (1924), the ultimate Americana fashion label is Team USA’s official clothing outfitter and will be supplying the closing ceremony uniforms for its athletes.

There are sweatshirts and short sleeve knits on tap which are must cops for all of us intent on living the ‘Lo lifestyle.  This run isn’t matching the intensity of the 1992 games series of clothing which remains top acquisition status on most collector’s holy grail lists.  Still, there are pieces in this run that will rep the lifestyle for you in years to come.

I wonder if the Dan and Dave ‘Chariots Of Fire’ tees (see below) will be retro’d for these Summer Games? See photos of the 2012 collection, and some pieces from 1992, in the gallery.


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Photos: NBC News TODAY/Peter Kramer & Dallas Penn

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