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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been going strong for a few weeks now, which is almost as long as her last marriage. Which means their relationship may be the real deal (or as real as a Kim K union can get). The duo have been running around in matching gear and taking as many pictures as humanly possible. Just look at Yeezy’s face in all of the photos: he’s a man in love and totally happy. If you’re a fan of Kanye West the person, this should all come as good news; he’s still on top of his craft and he’s finally found love that he’s been looking for ever since he put the autotune away.

But if you’re a Hip-Hop fan, this is horrible news. A happy Yeezy? A Yeezy in love with a Kardashian? A Yeezy that’s potentially acting like an adult sans tantrums? If history tells us anything, this new in love Kanye West will be an unwelcomed change.

Let’s just take a look at the history of rappers that have made albums while madly in love. They haven’t been pretty. There was Blueprint 2, Jay-Z’s double album that came hot on the heels of his classic 2001 original. The album featured the lead single “02’ Bonnie And Clyde” which, like “Theraflu,” was his formal announcement of a relationship with Beyoncé. The album? An utter disappointment. But he’s not the only rapper to make crappy music with Cupid’s arrow in his writing hand.

“While Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush each won championships early in their Kardashian relationships, their careers have taken dips since.” 

Even Drake’s new best friend Common put out two stinkers while in love. Electric Circus was horrible to listen to (it came out while he was in love with Erykah Badu) but Christ on a cracker it sounds like angelic harps compared to the electronic death knell Serena Williams’ bubble hath wrought with Universal Mind Control. And as much as we love Wiz Khalifa, Rolling Papers, it wasn’t as strong as his single work.

Sadly, Kanye seems to be as happy as any of these guys have ever been. If he starts rapping without that chip on his shoulder that made “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” so defiantly great, it could signal disaster. But there’s also another aspect to worry about: the talent-sucking (no jokes, please) are a curse all their own. Dating a Kardashian is definite risky business. While Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush each won championships early in their Kardashian relationships, their careers have taken dips since. Reggie got dropped from the Saints and Odom is off somewhere trying to find inner peace at the bottom of an empty bag of Twizzlers. Kris Humphries never had a career of note, but the divorce damn sure didn’t help.

“Rappers just make better music when scorned.” 

Which brings us to the silver lining: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian probably won’t last. Face it, their attention whoring is sure to clash and they’ll have a nasty, public breakup that will leave Yeezy an emotional shell of himself. We’ll be sad for him and “here, here,” if he needs it. Then we’ll lick our chops while he goes into the studio to vent about his horrible relationship.

And the album will be damn-near a classic.

Rappers just make better music when scorned. Eminem made a whole career out of his horrible baby momma. Have you been listening to Nas since his divorce? He’s gotten back to his Illmatic ways, ripping tracks to shreds. And Kanye himself has used the muse of Amber Rose’s alleged infidelity to create some truly twisted and defiant music.

So, if all goes well for us, we’ll see Kanye and Kim fall in love then end in a blaze of reality show TMZ Twitter rant glory that’ll signal the great American rap masterpiece.

As for Kanye’s personal happiness and quest for love? I mean, yeah, hopefully he can get that one day. Sure. Only the best for Yeezy.. Just stay away from the studio when it happens.


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