Freshman Opus: The War Report
# of tries: 3
Close but no Cohiba: The Reunion

This is some of the hardest sh#t that ever came out of NYC. This is the sh#t that had me thinking New York was on some third-world, hell on earth sh#t, for real. And I loved every second of it. From start to finish, The War Report was some of the grittiest street music ever put on wax. The guttural soundscapes combined with CNN’s matter-of-fact street content was every hardened thug’s soundtrack to life. To add to the lore, the album was mostly put together with Capone behind bars and it still turned out to be uncut dope. Then Pone came home. The Reunion has its moments (really just a couple). And those other two albums, well, they came out. But when TWR dropped, CNN was T.O.N.Y.

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