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While Andre 3000’s hopes at playing Jimi Hendrix in a biopic are stuttering, Michael K. Williams’ s portrayal of the late Ol’ Diry Bastard in an officially sanctioned film called Dirty White Boy is moving smoothly. MTV News caught up with Williams (aka “Omar” from The Wire or “Chalky White” from Boardwalk Empire) to speak on his role as the Wu-Tang Clan member born Russell Jones. The actor has spoken to various member of ODB’s inner-circle, including his mother Cherry Jones, to get insight into the late rapper and represent him properly on screen.

“I am doing a lot of research on Ason,” Williams told MTV News on the set of They Die By Dawn. “I had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful mother, Ms. Cherry. We sat down for like three hours and she told me the most amazing stuff about her son and a lot of things that the public didn’t know. I’ve been talking to people who know him well Gano Grills, Ike Stapleton, people who knew him when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

William continued, “I’ve gotten a lot of insight into who he was as a human being and as a man and, dare if I say it, a scholar. The dude was quite smart. You have to be able to recite mathematics and be[ [a] 5 percent of god body; you can’t play with that. You have to know what you’re talking about. It’s a lot of studying, a lot of knowledge.”

Watch the clip below to see Williams further explain that there will be no buffoonery in the biopic, which will cover mostly the last two years of ODB ‘s life.


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