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The Equalizer 3

Source: Stefano Montesi / The Equalizer 3

Denzel Washington sure does love making movies where he protects innocent people with his life while dishing out fades like the point guard off your favorite team.

Reprising his role as Robert McCall in the third installment to The Equalizer, Denzel Washington intends to go out with a bang as the trailer to The Equalizer 3 promises that this will be the final chapter in the book of Bob. Set in Italy where McCall is living the quiet life he’s always dreamed of, things go left for the man in search of peace after the Sicilian mafia intrude on the small town he’s living in and make life hell for his neighbors and beloved Italian town.

Knowing it’s on him to keep the peace while breaking down the Italian mob piece by piece, McCall embarks on a one-man suicide mission which calls for him to use guns, broken bottles and a stop watch to enact vengeance on those who dare shake down and terrorize the good people of his community. Being that he’s a man who “understands violence,” McCall becomes the boogeyman to this crime syndicate and leaves behind a bloody trailer in the Antoine Fuqua directed picture.

Will Robert McCall live to finally realize his dream of spending his final years as a peaceful citizen or will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the protection of the good people of his town? We don’t know but if Dakota Fanning is involved in this film, he’s probably gonna die. Word to Man on Fire.

Check out the trailer to The Equalizer 3 below and let us know if you’ll be checking for this when it hits theaters on September 1st in the comments section below.