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It’s been a wild summer for popular game streamer, Kai Cenat. He was arrested earlier this month for “inciting” a riot in New York City but later on won Streamer Of The Year at the Streamy Awards (yes, that’s a thing).

Now, the GOAT streamer is getting some star studded help from Travis Scott. The Utopia rapper is vowing to help Cenat get IShowSpeed show unbanned from Twitch right after Cenat announced that he is considering leaving Twitch if they don’t reinstate fellow content creator IShowSpeed. According to Game Rant, Kai isn’t too happy that Twitch shutdown IShowSpeed’s channel and is doing what he can to assist in their return.

Game Rant reports:

…Kai has solidified his position as the leading streamer on Twitch, thanks to his groundbreaking 2023 subathon that shattered numerous platform records. Similarly, IShowSpeed has amassed a staggering 20 million subscribers, though it’s worth noting that prior to his YouTube venture, IShowSpeed was an active streamer on Twitch. In 2021, IShowSpeed faced a permanent ban from the platform due to making sexist remarks during a show called E-Date.

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed are known to be friends and frequently collaborate on hosting streams together. However, a prominent issue has arisen due to IShowSpeed’s Twitch ban. Twitch’s policy prevents banned streamers from returning to the platform, and this seems to be why Kai Cenat has been advocating for a reconsideration of IShowSpeed’s ban. His most recent effort took place just before the 2023 Streamy Awards during a livestream. He remarked that if IShowSpeed’s ban remains in place, he might consider leaving the platform. He then followed this up with a light-hearted comment, clarifying that his previous statement was made in jest.

This is a situation that the average Hip-Hopper on the block knows little to nothing about, but now they got Travis Scott riding with them? Could be a monster assist should the “Highest In The Room” rapper decide to flex his muscle in this situation. How? Who knows, but gamers must be excited about the news.

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