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YouTuber Causes Riot In New York's Union Square With Video Game Unit Giveaway

Source: Alexi J. Rosenfeld / Getty

Kai Cenat may have inspired a riot, at least the NYPD thinks so. The social media influencer with millions upon millions of followers was arrested for causing the mayhem in Union Square on Friday afternoon (Aug. 4) and charged with inciting a riot.

It all started when Cenat said he would be giving away PS5’s, amongst other items, at Union Square in New York City. Not surprisingly the post went viral, and then thousands upon thousands of teens and young adults descended up Union Square Park.

All those people in a relatively small space descended into chaos as different groups of teens started being violent with each other, automobiles and even the police. Cenat made it down to Union Square—no word how many PS5’s he had with him—and due to the madness about him, he was escorted away by and detained by NYPD. Eventually, he was arrested with footage of his release making it online later in the evening.

Cenat has reportedly been charged with inciting a riot and unlawful assembly, amongst other charges. It’s a safe bet he didn’t have a proper permit for his meet up.

As seen in the footage shared online, the cops aren’t kidding that things got out of control. “Rioters” are seen hopping on cars and ensuing general mayhem. There are also clips of cops being heavy-handed with who appear to be young teens, though.

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